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Tania Bruguera "Manifesto on Artists' Rights"

Art is a complex product without a single and final interpretation. Artists have the right of not having their oeuvre reduced or simplified as a schematic interpretation which may be manipulated by those in power to provoke and, consequently, result in public offenses directed to the artists, so as to invalidate their proposals. [continue reading...]

• Tania Bruguera "International Migrant Manifesto"

The United Nations has designated December 18th, International Migrants Day. In cities throughout the world, artist Tania Bruguera and those involved with her five-year project Immigrant Movement International (IM International) presented the Migrant Manifesto. Immigrant Movement International mobilized artists and cultural producers across the world to develop projects related to the issues and experience of migration. Through artistic actions, IM International wanted to help highlight the fact that human migration is an increasingly central phenomena of contemporary global existence, and to assert and promote the fundamental human rights, freedoms, and dignity of migrants and their families. The December 18th Call for Actions was supported by the United Nations. [continue reading...]

• Lucrezia De Domizio Durini "Who is Joseph Beuys?"

Joseph Beuys hoped that all men would be able to reach equality in freedom and rights. He fought to promote market economy (an 'Organic economic system'), a factual change in the concept of money and a system based on the right to work. He was interested in the protection of disappearing crops and produce as well as biological farming. He set up a partnership for the support of third-world countries. To this regard, I would like to point out the prophetic quality and importance of Joseph Beuys' thought. He was a true shaman-artist, the precursor of theories focused on social needs and present-day issues. He actually anticipated all the economical, environmental, humanitarian, political and cultural issues affecting mankind today. [continue reading...]

• Andrea Pagnes "Two Bodies in Space. Durational Performance: The Quest for Authenticity in the VestAndPage Experience", published on Studio Research #3

By breaking through the sensitive membranes of possessiveness, infighting, ownership, and all that unites and separates us, the space into which we perform metaphorically transmutes into an elastic diaphragm. It is like moving through a blurred hazy path, sharing the same shield, investigating a labyrinth where our cultural identity is not reflected in the fixity of the aesthetic canon, but rather in the metamorphosis, the process of making, and a continuous exchange that tells of transformation and spiritual-psychic growth. [continue reading...]

• Preach R Sun "Name and break the blocks"

Transcript of the lecture held at the ART WEEK Co-Creation Live Factory - Prologue 1, 2017 

The whole purpose of me saying – and I am screaming to you, I want to get free – all I'm saying is, this is my experience. What's your experience? Let's share, let's talk to each other. When we confront each other, then we break through the difference, in order to understand that we have a common goal together. That's freedom. So, for me, this work is larger than art. It's larger than these walls. I do my conjuring in the street. ... I don't call myself an artist, what I call it is conjuring. We conjure. And the name I put on it is also 'fugitivism'. Because I am a fugitive, I am a fugitive because my crime is freedom. [continue reading...] [watch the full video]

• Marcel Sparmann "A Curve and A Line – Koanic Thinking on Performance Art"

Transcript of the lecture held at the ART WEEK Co-Creation Live Factory - Prologue 1, 2017

So, maybe it doesn't matter if a Performance Action might be koānic all together or not. What matters for our deliberations, is the fact that both, a Zen koān and a work of art can make people plunge into an abyss: abandon duality, certainties, knowledge and habits, language and the whole culture. Both could make us transgress the boundaries of intellect, release us from the confusion of words and cognitive schemata, linking together separated worlds, exposing the fictitiousness of ego and ownership. [continue reading...]

• VestAndPage "Performance Opera - What it is"

As it was for the alchemists engaging in their philosophical quest, a performance opera is a vision and the result of a creative process, there in the space where it takes place, the laboratory to play out new challenges. [continue reading...]



• daz disley "Dissecting Anam Cara – In Between the Senses, Togetherness and the Quantum"

This changes nothing for it changes everything. So touch Me: for real.


• Performance art is... • ART WEEK artists search for possible definitions

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