Noe' Martinez & Marina Sosa, Four Proposals To Feel-Think. Performance at the III Venice International Performance Art Week 2016. Image © Edward Smith



Fundación Alumnos47 is a non profit organization that stimulates the creation and exchange of knowledge in order to explore current issues through contemporary art.

Its programs are held both in its cultural space as well as in a mobile device that goes around Mexico City. The cultural offer of the Foundation is developed by its education, curatorial, editorial and sponsorship programs all based on research processes.

Its venue, located in the San Miguel Chapultepec neighbourhood, is a Resource Centre for Research and Learning (CRAI in Spanish) that houses a library and archive specialized in contemporary art and artists' books.

Fundación Alumnos47 welcomes everyone!

For the VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK, Fundación Alumnos47 will give a talk on its mission, creative processes and commitment to exploring relationships and knowledge through contemporary art.

Through this program, Fundación Alumnos47 hopes to be able to share some of its projects, expand its network of collaborators and exchange deeply felt experiences with everyone attending the ART WEEK.

Returning to the ART WEEK in 2016 Fundación Alumnos47 presents, curated by Jessica Berlanga-Taylor, a live performance by the Mexican artists Noé Martínez and María SosaFour proposals to feel-think is a performance that focuses on the human body and four orientations or themes that the artists have identified as historically, politically and spiritually vital, both to the history of Mexico and the moment of impact or collision between its indigenous cultures and the Spanish, and the consequences of this in our present day. Human rights, slavery and exploitation in Mexico, loss of language and identity, ritual, memory and substance are some of the issues the two young artists touch upon. The objects, used to create diverse read outs, moving sculptures, plays with words and translation, body gestures and movements reminiscent of ancient clay and pottery pieces are being produced in Mexico City in their studio (cloth, a clay piece and a print on paper). Fiercely poetic, María Sosa and Noé Martinez's work tells the other side of many stories, and highlights the misunderstandings created by colonialism. 



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