Gruppo78 | DoubleRoom arti visive (Trieste)

Historic performance documentation Actions by Otto Mühl and Hermann Nitsch in Trieste, 1978. Curated by Maria Campitelli and Massimo Premuda. Video by Paola Pisani. Courtesy Gruppo78 and DoubleRoom.


Otto Mühl's action at the Istituto dell'Arte, Trieste (1978). Image from the video, courtesy Gruppo78.



Founded in 1978 by a group of artists and intellectuals in Trieste, the Gruppo78 has as a main objective the promotion of contemporary art. Including the organisation of art events, mainly exhibitions of emerging artist, as well as the promotion of experimental actions, performance art, body art, and their formation through seminars.

DoubleRoom is a space for exchange and dialogue in the centre of Trieste promoting participation and shared cultural experiences. It is an open space for exhibition and artistic production. Since 2012, DoubleRoom is the seat of Gruppo78 and hosts its historical archive.

At the VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK 2016, Gruppo 78 and DoubleRoom arti visive show the historic performance documentation Actions by Otto Mühl and Hermann Nitsch in Trieste, 1978, curated by Maria Campitelli and Massimo Premuda.



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