Live performance The Dead Pig of Our Democracy



Kris Canavan and Manuel Vason, Collaboration #1 London, 2003. Courtesy the artists.



Irish artist Kris Canavan engages in body art. Their art practice is rooted very much in the use of their body and it's resources and is largely aktion based. They see their methods of creation throughout artworks -both past and present- as a political ownership of their body, a rejection of the status quo and subservience that is expected of us by the state - essentially a gesture of defiance and dissent. Blunt trauma, bodily fluids and products, loving embraces and numerous symbols have all been utilised to convey/relay the message. From images containing mythological metaphors for failure and futility to statements of love and through aktions of conflict and rage they have sought to make beautiful images that convey collective shame, social decay, loss, longing and the desire for a level playing field through ritualised aktion, self sacrifice and labour intensive durational works. Since graduating from UWE Bristol in 2004, alongside their solo practice, Canavan has made collaborative works with Manuel Vason, Dominic Johnson, Franko B, Nick Kilby, Llewyn Máire and TRANS / HUMAN amongst others. Canavan is an amino Associate Artist.

At the VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK, Canavan presents the live performance The Dead Pig of Our Democracy. At a point in time where Prime Ministers sacrifice democracy in favour of a fraternity of the elite, and when unelected leaders fan the flames of xenophobia and hate, our 'brand' of democracy must be challenged more forcefully than ever, for without dissent democracy means nothing.




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