Fondazione Bonotto, as part of its path of experimentation with new exhibition and communication strategies, and to spread the thought and works of Fluxus and Experimental Poetry, participates at the VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK with three specific projects. 

The first two projects are part of the framework of Exhibitions, and are dedicated to two major international performance artists who have understood their actions as a way to change, in a radical way, the approach to reality and its interpretation: Alain Arias-Misson and Joseph Beuys

The third project, part of the Live Performance program, presents a Food Fluxus Concert curated by Gianni Emilio Simonetti.


The Bonotto Foundation was established in June 2013 in order to promote the Luigi Bonotto Collection and aims at developing a new way of relating between art, business and contemporary culture at the international level. These are the three main pillars around which the life, activity and success of Luigi Bonotto, the Foundation’s creator and sponsor, has developed.

The Foundation’s main objectives are:

• to spread Fluxus action and Experimental Poetry through exhibitions, loans, partnerships with museums, foundations, archives, fairs and events in the sector to discuss the objects and the history of the Collection;

• to promote activities as well as intellectual and contemporary art work, commissioning artist installations and programs for curators;

- to curate the publication of magazines, books, on- and off-line material, artist catalogues, printings and special editions;

- to organise exhibitions, seminars and conferences with young artists and curators, who, from time to time, join in the dialogue with the material in the Collection;

- to organise workshops on the Collection’s theme relating to the world of art, business and fashion. To organise Fluxux concerts and Experimental Poetry readings, showings of independent art cinema, and indoor and outdoor cycles of films made by young filmmakers;

- to support research relating to the history and criticism of contemporary art with a master of contemporary art and artistic techniques, partnerships with universities, residency programs for young artists and curators who can keep the entrepreneur/artist relationship alive, the type of relationship that has characterized the connection between Luigi Bonotto and the Fluxus artists and Experimental Poetry;

- to develop the relationship between artisan craftsmanship and industrial production and the art system, each fed by the same creativity, each central in the life of Luigi Bonotto.

The Bonotto Foundation is winding up a project of digitalising all the works and documents housed in the Luigi Bonotto Collection. The Collection is making them freely available on-line on its website to all the curators, museum directors, scholars and enthusiasts who are interested in extending their knowledge of Fluxus, Concrete Poetry, Visual Poetry and Sound Poetry.




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