Everything imaginable can be dreamed (2012), Photography and video.

Images © Monika Sobczak.


Born 1985 in Vitoria (Brazil). Died in September 2012.

Vinicius explores the relation between the Self and its environment in a world defined by urban and media-influenced transformations, portraying actions that foster feelings of transience and instability. He transcends his limits to connect with the all: an idealized nature, a symbolic universe, with a work that is both deeply personal and archetypal. He observes the space around him, as he's seeking to confront ethical and aesthetic struggles and to rethink these spaces in a narrative of intimacy. Vinicius has been active in research and education as director and co-founder of "Trampolim_Platform for Live Art" in Vitoria, Brazil.

At the VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK, the curators together with his collaborators and friends will design a homage work overview of Marcus Vinicius, who passed away unexpectedly in September 2012. The video "Everything Imaginable Can Be Dreamed" by Marcus Vinicius (Performance) and Diego Stickar (Video) will be screened.

His longtime collaborator RUBIANE MAIA (Brazil) will present the live durational performance "Maybe, the birth of tears" in his remembrance.

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