Live performances Kattywampus and Ravenous.

Single channel video installation of Hirsute (2012), and Triptych photography (2010).

Images © Monika Sobczak.


Lives and works in Chicago (USA).

Ravens works through various hybrids of visual art, dance, and theatre, creating expectation, seduction, surprise, and illusion. The body and human form, nude, adorned, or enhanced with sculptural elements, in all its oddity of structure and shape, serves to activate objects and environments or personify intangible ideas. He is founder and artistic director of Ravenous Productions, executive director of Chicago's Defibrillator Gallery and festival director of Rapid Pulse.

At the VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK, Ravens will present the live performances "Kattywampus" and "Ravenous", as well as the exhibition of the single channel video installation of "Hirsute" (2012, Videographer: Rosa Gaia Saunders), and the photograph "Triptych" (2010, Photographer: Alan Rovge).


Courtesy of the artist.


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