Palazzo Bembo, Global Art Affairs Foundation, Venice International Performance Art Week

For the 2012 edition, Global Art Affairs Foundation hosted the VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK in its prestigious premises of PALAZZO BEMBO, situated on Gran Canal near Rialto Bridge.


Palazzo Bembo, Global Art Affairs Foundation, Venice International Performance Art Week

Photographs © Global Art Affairs Foundation


PALAZZO BEMBO was built by the noble family of Bembo, in the 15th century. It has been modified several times over the centuries, however it still maintains its original external structure.

The Palazzo’s red façade combines old Venetian elements with influences from the Byzantine and is considered an example of the Venetian-Byzantine or -Gothic style, a style of architecture originated in 14th century Venice with the confluence of Byzantine styles from Constantinople, Arab influences from Moorish Spain and early Gothic forms from mainland Italy. Palazzo Bembo’s 17th century restoration, taking influences from that period with polychromy, three-partitioned façades and loggias. The building is on the San Marco side of the Canal Grande, wedged in between Rio di San Salvador and Calle Bembo.Palazzo Bembo is the birthplace of Pietro Bembo (1470-1547), a Venetian scholar, poet, literary theorist, and cardinal.

Today, following years of neglect, Palazzo Bembo has regained its original atmosphere and is once again home of the arts, culture and education. Exhibitions at Palazzo Bembo are organized by the Dutch non-profit organization Global Art Affairs Foundation, that has restored and adapted its premises at Palazzo Bembo into an exceptional contemporary art exhibition space. See more on the previous exhibitions at Palazzo Bembo here.

Palazzo Bembo | Riva del Carbon - San Marco 4793 | Venice, Italy



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