The 1st VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK under the title "Hybrid Body - Poetic Body" took place in Venice from 8th to 15th December 2012.

The live art exhibition project dedicated to contemporary Performance art showcased in its first edition works of 31 international Performance artists from around the globe. Pioneers of this art discipline exhibited alongside established and emerging artists, reflecting influences and current tendencies in the field.

The project consists of a vibrant program of live performances, installations, photographic and video documentation, daily artist talks/presentations, and meetings with the participating artists, researchers and curators.

The VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK in its first edition explored, under the topic Hybrid Body - Poetic Body, concepts such as interconnectivity, empathy, struggle, love, political habits and sociability, and how the Self relates to them. Two-way communication between the artists and the audience is key, and some of the strongest themes to emerge during this week will relate to living with more care and creating mechanisms for positive change.

The VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK wishes to enrich the highly renowned art scene in Venice with the audacious art form of Performance art.

Curated by VestAndPage and organized in collaboration with Studio Contemporaneo, Venice Academy of Fine Arts, Venice Open Gates and Global Art Affairs Foundation which hosted the event in its prestigious premises at Palazzo Bembo on the Grand Canal.

ART WEEK BLOG updated daily during the week with features, interviews and reviews on veniceperformanceart.tumblr.com.





Performance art is a discipline that is - first and foremost - life in itself. It doesn't represent or portray: but used to awaken the mind and investigate cutting edge ideas in different fields of human activities. It analyses how and why people and their surroundings evolve or devolve, therefore generating reflection. As it is ephemeral, it holds an enormous potential of contemporaneity and immediacy.

It is an art form characterized by the use of the artists' own body and attitude as support. It steps beyond boarders to purpose an experience of immediate impact. It requires to be responsive "here and now" and to position oneself. Hence, not only the artist, but also the visitor needs to be prepared for making something happen, to engage emotionally and intellectually into the core of what is Performance art today.

The VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK aims to catch moments, moods and circumstances, reacting to it, opening up a ground of mutual exchange between artists and audience, with the possibility of a direct, personal discourse about art and its possible impact on modern society.

It is a project based on a mutual engagement and commitment to the purpose between the participating artists and the curators: presenting a selection of Live art performances with a precise curatorial line, so as avoid ending in another hypertrophied platform of global art, nor to speculate on our current social condition. The concern is also aesthetics, where, in any case, the objective is to analyze, through Live art, thoughts and ideas on life, space, time and existence as a simple question of form and substance in continuous transformation, through an eye able to go beyond the surface.

The artistic value is matched with human qualities, in order to produce challenging expressions to explore concepts such as interconnectivity, experiential knowledge, empathy, lasting and endurance, persistency, necessity and trial, resistance and awareness, struggle and love.

To be fully aware of human emotions, political habits, social lives, and how the Self relates to them, offering a range of possibilities to scan meanings about how to live this life with more care, and to create mechanisms for positive change.

"Hybrid Body - Poetic Body", Andrea Pagnes, 2012









PHOTOGRAPHS by Monika Sobczak.

VIDEOS by Alice Pozzoli of the live performances here.

LIVE DRAWINGS by David Dalla Venezia of the live performances here.





"Da Yoko Ono a Hermann Nitsch, a Jan Fabre. Qualcuno la chiama la più grande mostra-evento di perfomance art al mondo."

Art Tribune

Andrea Morucchio (Italy)

"Rivoluzioni", two-cannel video and glass sculpture

BBB Johannes Deimling (Germany/Norway)

Still of "Greatest Hits", DVD compilation

"The exhibition pinpoints the essence of a total practice that gets out from abstraction to investigate the human body, its interiority and its relation to political and social issues in a physical, tangible way." 

2DM Blogazine

Francesca Fini (Italy)

Still of "Cry Me", Video performance



Gabriela Alonso (Argentina)

Detail of "(De)vestirse", Ink-drawings and stop-motion video performance

"Un'unica tematica ed una linea curatoriale precisa un festival attuale e non replicabile, che evinca i caratteri della società moderna." 

Arte Sera

Gonzalo Rabanal (Chile)

"De la trama del habla a los tramas del cuerpo", Installation and performance

Helena Goldwater (UK)

"Once in a while it's important to clear out your glory-hole", Installation and performance

"E’ la prima volta che la città lagunare ospita un evento puramente dedicato all’arte performativa. Venezia, che è ormai città avvezza alle diverse attività dell’arte contemporanea, in questo caso diventa pioniera di un evento sperimentale."

Art Noise 

Jan Fabre (Belgium)

Detail of "Virgin/Warrior", Thinking model

Yoko Ono (Nutopia)

Detail of "Event Scores", Printed matter



Yoko Ono (Nutopia)

Detail of "Night and Day for Venice", Participatory installation


Macarena Perich Rosas (Chile)

"CONFL!CTA - Actions in Patagonia", Miniature photography


"Già durante l'inaugurazione si percepisce grande curiosità da parte del pubblico, a testimonianza di quanto l'evento si preannunci completo e coinvolgente."

Whip Art



SUKA OFF (Poland)


Details from "tranSfera", Photography, video and object [photo by Suka Off]

Manuel Vason (Italy/UK)

Images from the series "Encounters" and "Still Movil"

Manuel Vason (Italy/UK)

Images from the series "Encounters" and "Still Movil"
In the image collaboration with Franko B.

"L'interessante proposta ha tutti i numeri per diventare un appuntamento irrinunciabile dei futuri inverni veneziani."

Il Ridotto

Marcus Vinicius (Brazil)

"Everything Imaginable Can Be Dreamed", Photographic album

Marcus Vinicius (Brazil)

Still of "Everything Imaginable Can Be Dreamed", Video [photo by Paola Marugan]

"A tratteggiare un percorso che lungo diversi decenni ha esaltato, oltraggiato, portato in trionfo e all’inferno l’unica parte di noi della cui esistenza siamo certi e che anche a Venezia come altrove, è proprio il caso di dirlo, ci dà la possibilità di esserci."

Italian Guide Book

VestAndPage (Germany/Italy)

Still of "sin fin - Performances at the Core of the Looking-Glass", Film [photo by Jason Lim]


Boris Nieslony (Germany)

Detail of "A Feather Fell Down on Venice"

Installation and performance [photo by Jason Lim]

"Una visione ascetica e trascendente alla ricerca di nuove prospettive."

Il Gazzettino

David Dalla Venezia (France/Italy)

"Ades (in fieri)", Oil on canvas. With VestAndPage [photo by Jason Lim]

Francesco Kiais (Italy/Greece)

Detail of "The Sleep of Dionysus", Installation and video [photo by Jason Lim]

Nelda Ramos (Argentina)

Detail of "Es Copia Fiel - This is a true and exact copy", Installation and photography


"Per la prima volta in Italia si è assistito a una full immersion nell’universo corpo attraverso la presenza di performer internazionali di alto livello, da un ciclo di talk, di durational performance e di live giornaliere, da una mostra vibrante, bella, pulsante e trans-generazionale che si innestava dentro le sale labirintiche del settecentesco Palazzo Bembo."

Il Manifesto


Prem Sarjo (Chile)

Detail of "Hybrid Body - Poetic Body. A performance trilogy"

Installation of object, photography and performance

Shima (Brazil)

"Testimonies", Photography and videos



Hermann Nitsch (Austria)

Videos "122. Aktion" (2005), "The Making Of: Mit Leib und Seelen" (2010) and "130. Aktion" (2010)




Jill Orr (Australia)

"The Promised Land", Photography, plywood boat and sound installation (2012).




Videos from "Metanoia" (2012)





Snezana Golubovic (Serbia/Germany)

Video "Counting - 10 durational performances in 10 minutes" (2011)





Zierle&Carter (UK)

Photography "Encounters: The Arrival" (2011)




Blair Todd (UK)

"Performance Transition - A live art exhibition project"

Boris Nieslony (Germany)

Helena Goldwater (UK)

"The Behaviour of 'Intimacy'"

Ilija Soskic (Montenegro/Italy)

Lee Wen (Singapore) in conversation with Macarena Perich Rosas (Chile)

Prem Sarjo (Chile) in conversation with David Dalla Venezia (France/Italy)


"L’atmosfera del luogo designato come palcoscenico dell’evento si carica di tensione, il pubblico reagisce simultaneamente alle azioni dell’artista/performer, ogni movimento è seguito con attenzione e preceduto da una serie di aspettative che elettrizzano l’atmosfera."

Non Solo Cinema 

BBB Johannes Deimling (Germany/Norway)

"Blanc series #9"

Helena Goldwater (UK)

"Once in a while it's important to clear out your glory-hole"

"Un corpo che appartiene a tutti. E proprio per questo così emozionalmente immediato e condivisibile."


Jason Lim (Singapore)

"Duet (Light) I"

Jason Lim (Singapore)
"Duet (Light) II" [photo by Daniela Beltrani]

"Effimera, immediata, sorprendente, disturbante, può scatenare emozioni inattese."

Venezia Da Vivere

Joseph Ravens (USA)


Rubiane Maia (Brazil)

"Maybe. The Birth of Tears."

"Un contesto relazionale in cui l’artista, sia emotivamente che fisicamente, esprime nuove idée e possibilità, mettendo a nudo ciò che è più profondamente umano."

Venezia News 

Weeks & Whitford (UK)

"Wearing the Horns Series"

"This is not a circus, this not a show, this not a biennale, this is a meeting of artists and people who looked for the pearls in the rivers of human civilizations and came to share what they found."

Republic Of Daydreams

Zierle & Carter (UK)

"At the Edge of Longing"

"Un encuentro fabuloso para hacerse la big picture (como dicen los anglosajones) de lo que acontece en el mundo del Performance art. Esperemos que tenga continuidad el año que viene."


Snezana Golubovic (Serbia/Germany)

"ВЕНЕЦИЈА Medley" (Series of durational performances)


"Laddove il corpo dell’artista, la sua presenza, il rischio di esporsi in prima persona diventano elementi imprescindibili, il valore artistico spesso coincide con la qualità umana."

Museaum Edit

Alperoa & Pamela Navarro Ortiz (Chile)

"Par de patoz de lanaroja y velas"

BBB Johannes Deimling (Germany/Norway)

"Memorial for Deceased Performance Artists"

Boris Nieslony (Germany)

"A Feather Fell Down on Venice"

"Si parla del sociale nel significato più ampio del termine unendo l’estetica all’etica."

Inside Art

Gonzalo Rabanal (Chile)

"De la trama del habla a los tramos del cuerpo"

Ilija Soskic (Montenegro/Italy)

"Panoptikon 2012 (-1969)"

"Tutto è questione di processo e presenza."

Il Ridotto

Jill Orr (Australia)

"The Promised Land"

Joseph Ravens (USA)



Lee Wen (Singapore)





"Qui non c’è distinzione tra arte e vita, la cornice è solo la presentazione del curatore, e il dolore è reale…"

Arte Contemporanea Blog




Macarena Perich Rosas (Chile)


Nelda Ramos (Argentina)

"Healing Ritual - Magic Device"

Alperoa, Pamela Navarro Ortiz & Jason Lim

"Par de patoz de lanaroja y velas"

Prem Sarjo (Chile)

"Hybrid Body - Poetic Body. A performance trilogy."

SUKA OFF (Poland)


Wanda Moretti | Il Posto

"Far Vuoto"




Giuseppe Abate, "Ginger"

Giada Giudetti & Silvia Bonazzi, "Conversazioni"

Marta del Fabbro, "Falsi nodi"

Alice Pozzoli, "Azioni minime #1"

Agnes Pesec, "Mehulj"


Christiano Menchini "padre-madre"

Giulia de Giovanelli "60"

Andrea Grotto "stube"

Francesca Piovesan "trasferimento"

Anita Ferro Milone "Sabbie mobili"

Gianluca Giuso in collaboration with Elisa Sartori "Castrazione"


Alessandra Bucchi (Italy)

"Qing ming", Video performance and objects

Dominique Ploner (Italy)


Marcel Sparmann (Germany)

"There are always feathers to run for", Live performance

Marita Fox (Australia)

A version of current research and investigation "S.H.I.T.D. Silent Head-banging In The Desert", Video and live performance [photo by Peter Beym]

Marina Widén (Sweden)

Live durational performance

Amadeo Abello (Italy)

Installation and didascalics

Micaela Leonardi (Italy)

"Due aree di controllo", Live durational performance [photo by Jason Lim]

Samanta Cinquini (Italy)

Stills from "Perilemma", Video performance [Image courtesy by the artist]

Ralf Peters (Germany)

Live performance



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